Ah, the quest for long afro-textured hair has seemed so elusive for many women of color for decades. Through no fault of our own, there has been very few resources, products and information that would help our hair reach it’s full potential. I’ve found that within the past 10 years there have finally been products that have actually addressed the problems plaguing black hair..DRYNESS being at the top of that list! Some products like kinky curly, bee mine, miss jessie’s and qhemet biologics (my personal favorite) have assisted in helping us gain much desired length. Growing up I was convinced that my hair was inherently inferior because it wasn’t wavy, curly…long. I had no hair idols to look up to that shared my texture.  Finally after 30 years, I’m beginning to listen to my hair.. education is key ladies and gents.  I realize that my hair is not inferior, just misunderstood. It CAN be healthy and lengthy if I eat right, keep it moisturized and use good products. Just to clarify I am NOT obsessed with long hair, I’m actually partial to short hair. But growing my hair as long as possible is a deeply personal challenge for me. It will fly in the face of so many misconceptions and lies about our hair. I want to share what I’ve been learning which is the purpose of this blog and have FUN doing it!


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I feel the same way as you. I am not learning to care for my own natural tresses and to love them the way God had intended it. It is a lot of work to care for them but I think that we woman of color have to stop letting society tell us how we should wear our hair.

    I am looking forward to read more future post.

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