My Story

My hair care story/journey/discovery has been a long round about one filled with uncertainty, confusion and downright frustration! Where were the products, commercials, tutorials addressing my kinky textured hair needs? Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, knowledge about natural hair and hair growth seemed virtually non existent. My Mom’s generation knew little about moisturizing natural hair, using natural oils and protecting hair ends. I got my first perm at 12 and loved it. My hair was finally straight for a longer period of time; no more dax grease and flinching at the sight of a hot comb. However, my hair began break, thin and bald spots formed soon after.  I was fed up when I turned 15 and decided to grow the perm out and rock it natural. I remember when I did my very first “twist out” in high school back in 1995. I didn’t know what I was doing; just used some water and grease to twist my hair after it  had been in braids for 2 months.  I was nervous about how the new style would be received but I’d actually gotten compliments at school the next day.  I practically had to re-twist every night believing  it had to have some kind of wave to be cute. Then I’d braid it again hardly washed it or conditioned it and was baffled when I saw little or no progress.  My hair was breaking at the same rate that it was growing. Then I’d braid it again and cut it off once I saw damage.  This was the vicious cycle, I ended up texturizing and perming in college just to cut it all off again.  Then I discovered YouTube at the end of 2008! I saw these lovely young women both permed and natural whose hair had reached amazing lengths. I cut off my texturized ends and was completely natural with a twa (teeny weeny afro) by February 2009. I became diligent about washing and conditioning my hair on a regular basis and actually built a regimen.  I kept a journal to document my progress as well as took pictures that helped me immensely.  Length is a manifestation of how well you take a care of your hair because it means you are retaining.  My hair has been natural for almost two years now and the back is already at collar bone length. Because of listening to my hair and paying attention to its needs I’ve found it to be more healthy than it has ever been.


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