Oils I Love

Oh the wonderful world of oils! Where have you been all my life? I am going on 2 years natural (Jan/Feb 2011) and I can honestly say that oils have really helped me to retain length. It protects your ends and seals moisture into the hair strand. When shopping for oils for your hair, you want to look for cold pressed oils as they are the most concentrated and closest to it its natural state. Expeller pressed oils are also favorable to use.  With any oil, you want to be sparing to avoid weighing down the hair and resulting in a crunchy affect. My favs (and wishlist) is as follows:

Castor oil

This one is an oldie but goodie. Many women in times past have used this wonderful oil to reduce and prevent hair loss. It helps thicken hair and also has cleansing properties when applied to the scalp. It contains Omega -9 fatty acids  also helps prevent and reduce damage. It is also great for the ends of your hair to seal in moisture. If  it’s too thick , it can be mixed with a lighter oil like grape seed.

Grape seed Oil

Is one of the lighter oils , a carrier oil, meaning that it can be mixed with an essential oil (rosemary, lavender). It helps with hair loss and absorbs into the strand quickly as well as help eliminate dandruff.  Contains the most Linoleic acid or Omega 6 fatty acid. For the boys: works as a lubricant when you shave! Can also be used on skin as a moisturizer or astringent.

Olive Oil

More than just a cooking oil! Has a great conditioning quality for skin and hair and helps with dry scalp. It contains monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E that helps protects hair from split ends and damage.

Rosemary Oil

Is an essential oil, side note, aka “the scholars oil” helps with memory and concentration. It has been known to slow down hair loss and premature graying.

Wish List

Jojoba Oil

I’m sure you’ve heard people raving about jojoba oil for your hair. That is because this oil is most similar to the sebum secreted by our skin or in this case scalp. Acts as a moisturizer for dull, frizzy, dry hair meaning more length retention.

Macadamia Nut Oil

Used as healing oil for burns, scars and minor wounds also an excellent moisturizer for hair and is heavy and non-greasy, strengthens hair to help  prevent breakage and split ends.

Neem Oil

Encourages hair growth helps eliminate dry scalp giving shiny, silky hair. Treats hair loss and scalp infections and also strengthens keratin, what our hair and nails are made of.

Honorable Mention

Coconut oil

I must say that I used coconut oil for about a year and half until  realized I didn’t like it on my hair lol. My hair felt a little rough after I applied  it and I found it to be a tad greasy. File under not everything that works for others works for you..more on that  in a later post. But folks rave about the effect it had on their hair so give it a try. It penetrates up to 25% into the hair shaft increasing moisture and helps treat dandruff.



  1. hey girl, make the font bigger. I love this blog. I cannot wait to see what you will post next. I will check on you. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I wish my hair was like hers. I am working on it. I will be braiding soon then we’ ll see what happens. I like what I see.

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