Black Hair Myths

Who hasn’t heard this before?…..

Myth: Black women can’t grow their hair long so what’s the point in taking care of it?

Truth: This could not be further from the truth. Between the bad weaving, constant braiding, chemical over-processing no wonder we are losing our hair. A great regimen, a good diet and finding the right products for your hair is the key to growing long tresses. So many women of color have achieved great success in growing their hair because they educate themselves and are committed to the process.

Myth: Cutting your hair makes it grow.

Truth: Your hair grows from the scalp, by trimming you maintain healthy ends, get rid of split ones therefore RETAIN length.

Myth: Braiding your hair makes it grow.

Truth: Braiding is a protective style therefore it is not subject to heat styling or manipulation of the hair on a daily basis. Your hair is left alone for the most part which is why you see growth results.

Myth: Split Ends can be repaired.

Truth: No way! The answer to split ends are a good ol’ pair of  hair trimming scissors. There is no product on the market that magically seals damaged ends (that I know of anyway, if anyone does please put a sister on!).

Myth: Frequently washing your hair dries it out.

Truth: Actually, water  is very good for afro textured hair. Wonder why folks achieved crazy growth with jherri curls   back in the 80’s? Moisture ! Although, not everyone’s texture is the same, you should gauge for yourself what is sufficient when it comes to the amount of washes you do each week.

Myth: A dirty scalp encourages growth.

Truth: Yes much like a dirty house encourages unwanted multi-legged house guests to pop in for a visit. This is so not true! I can’t tell you how much a clean, healthy scalp is essential to hair growth. There are many products that can help with this, rosemary or tea tree oil to start.

Myth: Greasing your scalp every night makes it grow.

Truth: This statement brings me back to my childhood when my mom used to grease my scalp with that green or blue grease we all know and love.  It really only contributes to clogged pores therefore stifling growth. Any trichologist (scalp and hair doctor) will tell you that under a powerful microscope, you can actually see the scalp breathing.

Myth: Massaging my scalp can lead to bald patches.

Truth: This couldn’t be further from the truth. For a few minutes each night, massaging helps increase blood flow to the scalp and encourages growth and healthy hair follicles. By all means, massage away.


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