Ayurvedic Treatments: Neem and Amla Powder

At the urging of a few of the ladies on YouTube, I decided to purchase Neem powder and Amla powder to work into my hair and skin regimen.  The term ayurvedic originates in India and is referred to as  “alternative medicine”. I’m always fascinated when I research beauty secrets from around the world even more so by the fact that these products are natural and are very effective. There are obvious benefits because each product boasts the following:

Neem: Comes from leaves and can be used on hair to treat acute dandruff problems, scalp symptoms of psoriasis, and encourages silky, shiny hair as well as hair growth. It is a natural antiseptic that controls oils on the skin.

Amla: Comes from the Indian gooseberry fruit and promotes hair growth, controls hair loss and premature graying of hair. It is also great for the skin in that it helps remove pimples and dirt and acts as a natural astringent and toner.

In a nutshell, both products seem to have deep cleansing properties that seem to really benefit both hair and skin. However, I understand that these powders can tend to be a bit drying so if your using it on your hair, I would recommend always deep conditioning afterward with a moisturizing conditioner. I’m going to try to make an Amla face mask this week as I am protective styling at the moment (I’ve had kinky twists in for 3 weeks and I miss my hair already 😦 ). I  will definitely share my findings…can’t wait to see the results!


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