One 2011 Hair Goal Broken! :(

Ok I admit…I went back on a hair goal (no more fake hair) for the year…and it’s only March! Sigh. I went ahead and got cornrows that feel tighter than a size three panty on a mompy woman (my West Indian peeps will get the reference haha!). No they really aren’t that tight. I have to admit it was probably for the best because I was experiencing a  lot more breakage than I would have liked. The upside to the cornrows is that it is a very low manipulation style, so no hand-in-hair for about 2 months. And if it’s one thing my hair can’t stand it’s manipulation!  The downside of course is if they are done too tightly, your hair line can begin to break off and recede.  Case and point: If after getting your hair cornrowed and upon close examination, you can see the white bulb protruding from your scalp, then they are done too tightly and that WILL cause damage. My recommendation is that as soon as you get home, apply a very small amount of a light oil like grape seed or almond to you scalp (focusing on the edges) and massage it in. This will help lubricate and gradually relieve the tension on your own hair. In addition, find a new hairstylist! Below is a photo (sorry for the crappy resolution) of my new ‘do.


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