Terminal Length?

Not everyone who is on a healthy hair journey is necessarily on a long hair journey. For those of you who are, this dreaded term produces fear and anxiety. Terminal length refers to the longest your hair grows before it goes to the resting phase. The growth phase lasts usually between 2 and 6 years. Of course, genetics, diet,certain medications and overall health can impact this stage.  Mind you, terminal length does occur with body hair which explains why the hair on our legs, arms and underarms are relatively short. The truth is the hair on our heads can grow to  amazing lengths (yes I’m talking to you black women :O) but oftentimes because of abusive hair care practices, this result seems very rare. Again, genetics does play a role in the length that our hair can grow but this is not the definitive factor. If we are diligent about handling our hair gently, using the right products and sticking to a REGIMEN, there is really no reason why our hair should be stagnant and remain the length year in and out.

Some great  real life examples can be found on YouTube with such ladies as: Kimmaytube, Kissseventyseven, Beautifulbrwnbabydol, Serah78 and many more!


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  1. I got to see my hair grow to a reasonable lenght. At this point, It is not where I would like it to be. Still hoping for the best. I have not found yet the right product for my hair. I can understand why many of us prefer the relax over the natural. My journey is not over yet.

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