Is Life Really This Cheap? Man Dead over Six Bags of Hair

Don’t know exactly what’s going on in Dearborn, Michigan, but “ignorant, hood life mess” seems to be a pretty good description. Instead of borrowing the $20 or so to purchase some weave, a man holds up a beauty supply store to steal bags of hair no doubt for his equally ignorant  babymama/wifey/jumpoff . He shoots the store owner dead, runs out of the store with the stolen merchandise and escapes with his girlfriend who was apparently driving the getaway car.  Are we living in such desperate times that someone would contemplate stealing bags of cheap fake hair, and then kill over it???  Maybe his intention was not to kill, but the fact remains someone is dead. Why are some women so willing to take such great risks for what they look like no matter what it costs them? I hope she enjoys her new ‘do because once they’re caught, she will not see the inside of  a hair salon for a long, long time.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Beauty Supply Owner Killed Over Six Bags Of Hair


One thought on “Is Life Really This Cheap? Man Dead over Six Bags of Hair

  1. How stupid is that! Somebody is now going to jail over a bag of hair extension. She should have gone natural like me and we would have had never heard of this story.

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