Natural Hair and the Trim

Oh the ongoing debate of whether or not to trim natural hair. As I mentioned in my previous post, my very experienced hair braider told me that natural hair does not need to be trimmed. I do not believe this to be true. The reasons why people need to trim their hair apply to all textures and types. It simply gets damaged due to styling and weathered due to the natural elements. How can you tell if your hair needs a trim?

1) Breakage. Yes ladies and gentlemen those short pieces of hair on your clothes and bathroom sink is a strong indication that you hair needs to be trimmed.

2) Split ends. The biggest culprit for trims are these pesky splits that have no chance of being repaired. That aforementioned breakage is also due to hair splitting off completely from the hair strand. I like trimming in front of my computer because holding up my hair against the light allows me to see clearly the split end and mid strand splits.

3) Ends feel more coarse and dry than usual. This can be due to improper moisturizing techniques and little protective styling.

4) Ends feel thin. If you take a portion of your hair and run your fingers down to the end, does it feel thinner as you go? The answer to thin ends are a good pair of hair shears. I would suggest going to a stylist if you are unsure about cutting. I will be posting pics in the near future when I trim again to give you guys a visual.

5) Ends are hopelessly tangled. Whenever I get knots, I put a good amount of leave in conditioner and water on my fingers to see if I can work out the knots before  I reach for the scissors. I pull one strand at a time up with one hand and pull down on the other strands. More often than not, I can unravel the knots without cutting my hair.

Always use hair trimming scissors! Dull blades will not cut properly and this will lead to more splits.  Also, you know more than anyone else how your hair is supposed to feel. If you are having a hard time trying to determine if you hair is in good shape, keep a journal describing how your hair feels and the products you used . You can always revisit it when in doubt.


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