Good Eats = “Good” Hair

Source: Madame Noire

Hey guys,

So if you want “good hair” i.e. growing healthy from your scalp and texture is irrelevant…you must eat right! I know, that’s not a secret and it’s easier said than done. Me personally can never get enough sugar in any form: pies, cakes, cookies I eats it all! But I know eating that everyday is not practical so instead I buy my favorite fruits  and make a snack. I’ll have a granny smith apple with (must be crunchy 🙂 )peanut butter or grapes with cottage cheese on the side. I still get my sweet fix but I’m not taking in processed food as they have preservatives to extend shelf life. However, your hair will suffer.  It’s been said that these processed foods can lead to hair loss. By preparing fresh foods your body will absorb the nutrients and your hair will reap the benefit. Below are some super foods that can help us along our journey:

Salmon. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, B-12 and protein, promotes a healthy scalp.

Dark Green Vegetables. Think broccoli, swiss chard, spinach. High in Vitamin A and C, also helps your body to secret sebum, a natural oil that travels down the hair shaft to help keep moisture in.

Beans. Kidney beans etc are a great source of  iron, zinc and biotin. These vitamins help to prevent dry brittle hair.

Eggs. Contain biotin, B12 and of course protein! I like to use a raw whipped egg as a protein treatment once a month..more on that in another post.

Oysters.  Yeah their supposed to be an aphrodisiac yada yada, but these bad boys are high in zinc a powerful antioxidant and great for the hair and scalp.

Carrots. Excellent source of Vitamin A and promotes a healthy scalp and well conditioned hair by extension.

Source: WebMD


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