Music Spotlight: Lizz Wright


My loving Dad probably owned every cd known to man over a variety of genre’s, so I wasn’t surprised when he introduced me to this lady…..and I am so glad he did. I saw her in concert in Atlanta back 2007  and she was AMAZING live!  She often compared to Norah Jones , but  I think she is so much more. Lizz Wright is a young, contemporary jazz singer whose powerful, rich alto voice truly sets her apart from anyone else I have ever heard.  Her roots are in gospel music (her father was a minister) but she soon found her niche in jazz and American R&B.  Her debut album Salt (2003) entered at number two on the Billboard Jazz Charts. She soon followed up with Dreaming Wide Awake (2005) also acclaimed and favorably received.  Some of my fav songs of her album The Orchard, include “Speak Your Heart”  a haunting plea to a significant other, “My Heart”,  “Song for Mia“, “This Is“..I could really go on.  She is also natural and I am determined to find out what her regimen is. Let’s support real music and true artistry!


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