Summer Time Natural Hair Edition

Summer is upon us…already!! Didn’t the year just start? Anyway, I love this time of year so I’m not complaining. Even more good news: hair tends to grow faster when the temperatures rise naturally because of the increased moisture in the air. However, caution is needed as very hot temps can dry hair out and it is best to tuck your ends away during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, I will be implementing some really cute (protective) trends into my look this summer:

A chic turban can really add to your look.
Floppy hats made a comeback and the style seems to be enduring this season.
Headscarfs will never die! And thank goodness...what would we do on bad hair days?
OMG..I have been feening for a cute summer Fedora!

I will be posting shortly regarding the best products, ingredients to look out for and avoid for these hot summer months!


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