Throwback Natural: Joie Lee

We didn’t really see Spike Lee’s little sis too much outside his many films in which she was cast, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a good actress. She is also a recognized director in her own right.  What I love most is that she rocked her hair natural at a time when it wasn’t necessarily “in” and by the looks of things I don’t think she ever had a perm. I loved her hair in Mo Betta Blues…so funky and ahead of the time. As individuals, we need to strive to be our own person and not follow every trend that’s popular. Even though I don’t think that there is necessarily  a “natural hair movement”,  I’m happy that more people are leaving the chemicals behind and leading healthier lives overall.  At a time when so -called “scientist”  are writing reports based on unscientific, racist findings about black women being less attractive than other races, we really now more than ever need to accept ourselves as we were made. Leave all misconceptions, self conscious feelings and self doubt about our hair behind, embrace your beauty!


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