Hair Update and Updo

So I decided to do an updo a few Sundays ago, thought I’d share because I love how it came out! I’m still battling with breakage but I think I’m holding steady as far as length is concerned… I’m approaching 11 inches in certain points in my hair. The back is the shortest (I think 8 inches) and it had always been like that’s the slowest growing area on my head. In order to manage the breakage, I will scale back on the manipulation as my hair does not like to be touched! I did a hard protein with just an egg and castor and saw very little short hairs in the comb. I’ll also make sure to moisturize daily. I also realized that I should be less concerned about the length of my hair and focus on combatting breakage. Once I can seriously cut down or completely eliminate my hair breaking the length will come…


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