Natural Hair at the Oscars…Viola Davis!

Source: Color Lines

Viola Davis walked the red carpet with husband in tow and no wig in sight for Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony. In short, she looked incredibly dope! I personally feel that she looked younger and more fresh than her 46 years.  There seems to be much buzz on media outlets concerning the short, reddish brown fro she sported with almost all positive and glowing reactions. I can’t help but wonder why there was so much conversation surrounding a women’s choice to wear her hair how it naturally grows from her scalp. I think her husband said it best when he commented in an interview: “This is not a statement, but just who she is. I’ve been encouraging her all night to be herself and to step into who she is”. I adore a supportive husband!  I had a feeling she would rock her twa as she was recently seen at the Essence Black women in Hollywood luncheon sans wig. Was she working up the nerve to get comfortable with her new look? Why should we  have to “work up the nerve” to be who we are?

Source” Zimbio

As ridiculous as it may seem, I can totally understand why she felt that way; historically this country hasn’t exactly celebrated our beauty but quite the opposite.  All too often our brains are ingratiated toward one type of beauty (see Beyonce and Rihanna) and unfortunately someone that looks like Viola doesn’t immediately come to mind. My hope is that this will change very soon and Viola with taking a step in this direction, proved on the world stage during the biggest night in Hollywood that she IS naturally beautiful; cocoa skinned, kinks and all. Kudos to her.


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