Music Spotlight: Santigold


I was in the throes of natural hair growth madness about 2 years ago, endlessly watching Utube videos of  kinky curly girls when I stumbled upon a video for the artist featured above. It showed a young woman sitting on a horse in a dark, fog-filled forest flanked by two identical back up singers also on horses… I was immediately intrigued. The song was pretty much packed with alternative punk, electronic, pop dubbed 80’s vibed awesomeness. It was so different, forward thinking and just plain cool I had to know more.  Turns out, it was the video for her 2008 single “L.E.S (Lower East Side)  Artists” and her other hit “Lights Out” was the much talked about background music for a  Bud Light  Lime commercial campaign.  She is a PA native whose musical influences include jazz, punk and reggae and it totally comes through in her sound. She is such a talent as both a producer and vocalist and has worked with artists namely Jay Z, Kanye West, MIA and Bjork. I just read that her new album “Master of My Make Believe” will be out this spring… I am super excited her fans have waited a very long time for this release! She is currently touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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