Yarn Twists

My Yarn Twists…done by me!

So I had a bit of a setback since my last hair update but I’m determined to stick to my hair goals. They don’t call this a journey for nothin’! I was experiencing some breakage and dryness and I have to admit some of  it was my own doing. Not moisturizing enough and neglecting my regimen has led to a loss of about three inches due to clipping the damaged ends. Also a big no-no for my hair is definitely over manipulation. The constant braiding and twisting every night has led to my hair feeling a lot thinner especially the ends. I decided to back to good ol’ faithful yarn twists that I did myself. Wasn’t perfect but I’ve gotten good feedback from friends. Ummm…unless those heifers were lying…I digress! Yarn and natural hair work beautifully together. I love the way yarn braids look as they give the illusion of dredlocks. Here are some of the benefits:

1) They are light weight

2) They hold moisture like a charm

3) You can wear them for extended periods, just like synthetic hair.

A quick note if you are willing to try them, make sure the yarn is acryllic as wool tends to dry out and lock into the hair. You can also moisturize daily as normal with a braid spray or a mixture of water and oil of your choice. Make sure to saturate from the root to the point where your real hair ends.


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