Consumer Debt Payoff: It Sucks but Totally Worth It!

So, in taking a page out of Dave Ramsey’s very good book, The Total Money Makeover, I decided  to get so  angry with my consumer debt I want to destroy it.  Completely. Like this year. This means making major sacrifices, some of which include: holding onto a crappy phone of over 2 years, keeping an old laptop missing the space bar and letter P (pure comedy by the way!), no TV or cable..and the worst yet, forfeiting traveling to and partying in London for two weeks this summer with my family….sucks! This experience, while unpleasant at times, has led me to put into perspective what’s really important though. My Palm Centro may be “crappy” but it works. My laptop maybe old, slow and cosmetically challenged but it works.  I may not have TV but I am more than up to speed on TV shows and current events via the internet.  I set goals for 2012 and going without certain luxuries has enabled me to keep plugging away until these goals are realized. So what I don’t have the latest and greatest? I eat everyday and have a roof over my head. Being more giving, being  frugal but not cheap and not buying everything I see just to fill a void. I will carry these lessons with me forever and if anyone else can identify with my situation..don’t give up.



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