And Another One Bites the Dust…Capital One is Done!

As of June 7th, I finally paid off another credit card! Yay for me!!! Yes I finally said goodbye to that money sucking piece of plastic and the only one I have left that’s open. I ordered some past statements, just to torture myself and see what I had charged that had cost $2500…er closer  to $5000 if you count interest…: gas, clothes, shoes, over the limit fees, late fees..FOOD. Still my weakness but really, did I have to hit Boston Market and Popeyes 5 days in a row?? The ONLY reason I was glad to have this card was when my Dad passed and used it to pay for  the funeral arrangements.  I’m down to two credit cards and determined to pay them of  THIS year. I treated myself to a few “extras” dinner out and made an investment into a business,but as of this week I am back on my grind. I’m developing a respect for money and finally trying to stick to budget. My dedication to the budget needs work but at least I can see where my money is going. I’m even keeping all my receipts that I’ve spent on food just to get an accurate tally at  the end of the month. On to the next one!


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