Olympic Natural Hair


Dominique Dawes has absolutely been one of my favorite gymnasts ever. Since grade school, I have been watching her compete and succeed at numerous competitions. Her floor exercise routines demonstrated her amazing athleticism so much so that she was dubbed “the tumble queen”. Or did my sister and I dub her that? In any event we loved her , so imagine my surprise and delight when pictures surfaced her sans relaxed hair! She transitioned and has been natural for over a year. When conversations about Gabby Douglas gold medal wins took a backseat to the way her hair looked (thanks to trifling black folks) Dawes immediately commented that at as a serious athlete trying to win competitions, the last thing you are worried about is your hair. Additionally, had Gabby been more concerned about what was on her head than practicing her craft there’s no way she would have ended up on the top of the medal stand. As for Dominique, she is a proud natural who has no intentions of looking back: “I advise black women to go natural and stop relaxing your children’s hair,  too,” Dawes explains. “At 35 years old I finally embraced my natural locks. It  was liberating and empowering for me. I wish I would have done it sooner.”
Read more at  http://www.travelerstoday.com/articles/2572/20120803/gabby-douglas-hair-twitter-criticizes-gold-medal-gymnasts-locks-dominique-dawes-addresses-issue-video-gymnastics-olympics-2012-london-african-american-gold-medal-gabby-douglas-hair-twitter.htm#IrVcech9XGP1dtMK.99


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