Natural Hair Attraction

Will guys still like me??? This is a big question on the minds of many women who are contemplating embracing their natural hair texture. While we do not want to place our self worth and self confidence in the hands of a man, or anyone for that matter, when it comes to matters of the heart, going against the beauty norm can bring great anxiety. The sad fact is that even in 2012, kinky hair textures are not exactly celebrated or coveted as much as other hair textures are. Don’t need to expound on the historical aspect of how our beauty  has been perceived in this country, and some of the effects are still there. However,  in my own personal experience, the men I have come across hands down love the natural look.  Some will say they don’t really care as long as it looks good, but interestingly enough, natural hair usually is the preference.  It has to do with knowing what they are getting. They don’t have to worry about what a girl looks like once she takes her hair off at night. When I wear my hair out sans braids, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a “love your hair ma” or “your hair is beautiful” as I walk to work in the morning, shop or travel.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that someone finds you attractive without all of the embelishments or extras that we adorn ourselves with to ironically look more attractive.  Another reason why men find it attractive is because it is a signal to them that you find your self attractive and that you have some level of self confidence. Now, I have some faults with this reasoning like “wow you wear your hair like that out in the street, you must love yourself!”  Ok, maybe I’m over thinking. But at the end of the day, every other race of women can wear their naturally without apprehension or worry about what men think.  It’s high time that we find that same comfort level and feel beautiful in our own eyes…and just be OK with who we truly are.


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