Throwback Natural: T’keyah Crystal Kemah

T’keyah Crystal Kemah’s  hair has been a source of awe and envy since watching her on the hilarious In Living Color back in the 90’s.  I was so stunned and incredibly curious as to how she got her natural hair first of all so long and second healthy and shiny.  This was pre Youtube and hair blogs and unfortunately there were no other outlets where women shared their hair secrets and healthy hair care practices.  Fortunately for us , Tkeyah wrote a book back in 2003 entitled Natural Woman/Natural Hair: A Hair Journey  Hairstyles and Hairstories From the Front with simple step-by-step instructions on taking care of your natural hair. I plan to grab a copy but according to Amazon it is chock full of hair styling ideas and hair care techniques. T’keyah is not only a natural hair maven but an accomplished comedian, writer, actress, director and producer . She has also been featured on the sitcoms “Cosby” and “That’s so Raven” as well as preformed in many theater productions.  I’ve always thought of her as a “tv natural hair pioneer” of sorts because you did not see kinky coils often on network television. This gorgeous actress proved week after week  that beauty does not come in one mold , but it is varied and diverse.

Source: Clutchmagazine

5 thoughts on “Throwback Natural: T’keyah Crystal Kemah

      1. Yes I am a 90’s baby. She’s never said where she found the inspiration for the name, but I’ve always had the inkling feeling that she did, Either way I still love my name.

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