No More Hair Extensions!!!

Yes the pic is ratchet but it’s late and I don’t care

I know crazy pic but it’s late yall! This is my last braid installment. Real talk.  I’ve made a final decision to stop wearing somebody else’s hair. One of the purposes of this blog was to document my hair journey and to unleash its potential by “decoding” it…figuring out exactly what I need to do get the best results.  It hit me today that I need to re-commit to this process as I’ve spent alot of time as of late sweeping broken hairs off the floor. Now I get that setbacks are part of the journey in that they teach you what not to do with your hair, however I still feel that my hair is a bit of a mystery. So here are a few strategies that I will put in place that I think will lead to healthier tresses, greater length retention and  allow me to finally demystify this hair once and for all:

Low Manipulation

This one is extremely critical for my tightly coiled locks.  My hair is a bit of a diva and pretty much does not like to be touched . This was my reasoning for braiding , but I can’t hide behind them when I can’t figure out what was wrong in the first place. The problem will still be there.  I’m also ensuring  that I’m moisturizing my braids with a homemade braid spray…more on that in a future post.


I won’t go too crazy with this one because I don’t have the time but I will keep a notebook with BRIEF notes, what worked for my hair , what didn’t work for my hair and so on.

Low manipulation styles

This one will be a doozy because I am NOT natural hair style saavy. My plan is to find three professional yet elegant styles, keep them in rotation redo it every two weeks. Additionally, I think my pin up styles were by best friend AND worst enemy only because the bobby pins were not friendly to my ends. Which brings me to my next point….

Healthy End Maintenance

It ain’t no secret that healthy ends are key to length maintenance…yeah just ask the hair that’s currently in the trash that I had to cut due to damage.  They are the oldest part of the hair and need extra tlc. My ends have been a bit chewed and I realize they need much more security.

Wash Day

I usually wash and deep condition my hair every week, but I don’t think my hair is that dirty at the end of the week and if I use my products sparingly I won’t have too much build up. I’m really slowing down on manipulation in every form and I will begin to wash every two weeks instead.

This is pretty much what my new plan looks like and will be implemented in two months when I take these bad boys out. Can’t wait to show you guys the results!


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