Music Spotlight: Eric Roberson

Source: Lastfm

Sorry for the long pause folks… Hurricane Sandy was a beast! Lost power, heat and hot water for a week which was not fun. But it could have been worse as some lost homes and lives and others are struggling to put the pieces back together. But tragedy brings out the best in people at times and relief efforts have been underway. Just wanted to lighten the mood with a music post on one  of my new fave artists..Eric Roberson. I’m ashamed to say I was a bit late to the party as he has been on the scene for years but when I heard “Picture Perfect” it was the perfect jazz neo soul blend in my opinion and I had to know more. He’s worked with some pretty awesome talent either writing or singing background vocals for Jill Scott, Musiq, 112 and Vivian Green just to name a few. His latest album “Mister Nice Guy” was released last year and hopefully he is in the studio to cut another album for our listening pleasure sooner rather than later! Some of my other favorites include ” Still, She, Softest Lips” the list goes on…real music ya’ll music check him out.


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