Oils Every Natural Should Have In Their Arsenal

Here at SFS, we extol the wonders of oils. They add much needed shine and seals in moisture to the hair especially in the winter time.  IMHO, these are the top three you should definitely have in your rotation:

Olive Oil


When I told my cousin that olive oil is not just for cooking and that you can use it on your hair and skin she was amazed. Early usage in skin care application dates back to 2600 BCE in the Eastern Mediterrean. Understandbly so, olive oil is a deep penetrating moisturizer, regenerates cells and softens tissue. I enjoy mixing it with castor oil and massaging into my scalp to stimulate growth. For my strands, it penetrates the hair shaft adding essential fatty acids and vitamin, not to mention shine. Whenever possible, be sure to cop extra virgin olive oil as that is the highest grade.

Jojoba Oil

I consider this one the mother of all hair oils as it most closely resembles the oils our scalps naturally secrete. It is a lightweight oil that also penetrates the hair shaft,  leaves no residue, will not clog pores and is antibacterial.  It prevents hair loss and thinning  as well as stimulate growth.

Castor Oil

jojoba oil

I have a very special place in my heart for castor oil as it was one of the first oils I used when I started my healthy hair journey. Whenever I use this oil to twist or just seal in moisture, I get NO breakage.  And the biggest benefit is that it prevents hair shedding and actually thickens it. I didn’t believe the hype when I first did my research but it absolutely helped in boosting growth at my thinning temples. It also  conditions the scalp and will assist with dandruff. The only precaution I will mention is that this oil is very thick and is probably best for people with tightly curled dry hair.


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