Honor Your Goals, Honor Yourself


Well, we are officially in Chapter 12 of 2016, another year coming to a close. How did you do?  For some, this year brought goals and long time dreams to fruition. Others unfortunately were met with a series of unpleasant events, or allowed fear and immobility to lead their lives. I sadly found myself in the latter part of this group…but it’s only temporary :). What I realize about myself is that when things don’t go the way I want them to in one area, other areas go by the wayside. I guess that’s normal but it didn’t feel good in the end. My internet and YouTube viewing spikes all the way up,  I become withdrawn and I don’t track my spending.

I started out 2016 with a singular financial purpose: pay off my student loan and FINALLY be debt free! My job loss temporarily derailed that focus and no income basically means only using money to support survival and no extras. However, after the anger and frustration of the lay off subsided fear remained and I “self medicated” by falling into bad habits. One too many trips to Target, 711, Golden Crust, the food court at the mall, the chicken spot (every hood has one ha!) and  Taco Bell (ugh). I rationalized that $4 here or $9 there wouldn’t really dent my wallet but as many know those small purchases can lead to big financial problems. This has been a pattern for me for years. Death by a thousand cuts.

Something changed tonight though. I hadn’t meal planned properly at the beginning of the week and found that I had run out of the basics. So I went to the mall to grab something quick. I was standing in line trying to decide between a meal for $6.19 or $6.29 thinking that I could save .10 cents, wow lol. A voice popped into my head that said “why are you eating out when you still have goals to reach?” I still have debt and continuing this pattern is not going to help me get there any quicker. I promptly stepped out of the line and left the mall.

I came home and cooked ;0! (chicken breast, sweet potato and broccoli rabe)

I recently read somewhere that the reason many of us don’t reach our goals is because we don’t believe our word. We set goals and have good intentions but when we don’t follow through and break promises to ourselves, belief and self-respect diminishes.

Being faithful to ourselves and what we say we are going to do is not always easy by any means. But if we start following through on small goals, believing the words we utter to the world,  it builds momentum to achieve bigger ones we never thought we’d meet. And from that inevitably comes great confidence.

My goal this week: Spend only on the essentials and no eating out from Sunday to Friday.

This week, let’s plan to set small daily, weekly and monthly goals. Let our actions have a purpose and make our time count.  Otherwise we will be looking back at 2017, wondering where the year went , in the same place you swore you’d leave the year before.






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