Attainable Goals: Student Loan Escape


So this is where I’m at with these bloodsuckers:



A huge goal that I have been trying to reach for years has been to pay off my student loans. I graduated college over 10 years ago with a very expensive parting gift.  Yeah I know. It did balloon up to $36,000 at one point but I paid it back down to what my initial tuition bill was when I first left college.

A few things have temporarily derailed my paying it off including…

  1. Myself!

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy , standing in the way of our dreams due to fear of the failure, fear of success or pure laziness. I made pretty good money over the last few years, more than the debt and could have gotten rid of it with a good budget and a curbing of unnecessary spending. But I got comfortable at my fancy job, didn’t stick to my budget and the debt stuck around.

Lesson: During a time of financial prosperity, think of your long term goals first and prioritize. Wanna buy a house? Travel? Start a family? So many things are halted and put off because of a debt bill hanging over our heads (essentially becoming slaves) and it doesn’t have to be that way.

2. Circumstances.

Life is beautiful but can really suck sometimes.  As I write this I am under/unemployed (due to a job loss early this year) looking for a full time position and thinking of ways to increase my side hustles/financial portfolio. I have virtually no income and I’m scared. But I learned SO MUCH from this experience I know exactly what I want to do in the next few years and have planned. Above all else, I’m staying optimistic.

I know that I can get rid of  the debt in short order and will be taking you guys along on my journey as I pay it off. I will share some tips along the way that I am using to accelerate the process. I know it’s possible after reading how folks have paid off ridiculous loan balances  and I’m very inspired by that.

I do want to stress that I take part of the responsibility in this as I am the one who almost signed my life away but financial education REALLY needs to be part of the curriculum in school. Throwing tens of thousands of dollars at an 18 year old is fiscal madness but the private lenders, banks and government aren’t thinking about what is in our best interest. It’s all business, it’s all about making money, we just pay for it in more ways than one.

I’m sharing a few of my fave personal finance books/blogs below:

The Bible: Believe it

I’ve always enjoyed reading her blog and I love how it has grown into a real community.

Are you facing a huge financial obstacle? Leave your comment below!





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