Write it Down


I did a vision board back in 2013 just out of fun initially but decided to include some large goals, like finding a legal assistant position where I could be exposed to real matters affecting the company and running a 1/2 marathon. In addition to inspirational thoughts and images I included the training schedule and was very specific about the tasks I would be performing in the future role. Looking at these goals daily was a reminder to do some sort of activity to push my goals forward. When the end of the year came and I looked back I couldn’t believe that I accomplished both things! I had two realizations from that experience:

  1. In order to make things happen you have to do the WORK. When it came to finding the job, I tweaked my resume to perfection and was relentless to applying for jobs not haphazardly but specific to what I was looking for within the legal field. So instead of applying to every law firm or in house legal department, I focused on the IP related jobs because that was what  I wanted to do and it paid off. When it came to completing the race, posting the training schedule didn’t turn me into a runner by osmosis but I looked at the schedule everyday and it reminded that I had to get up and train that particular day. You have to do the work to make stuff happen. I don’t idolize Hollywood. But the uber popular stars didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be famous. These people are extremely dedicated and extremely hard to get to  place where the entire world wants to be
  2. Writing things down immortalizes your goals vs disappearing when you just speak them. A funny thing happens when we talk about what we want to do in the future.  Your brain tricks you into thinking your goal is already in process even if you haven’t done anything to move them forward. They are just words at the end of the day almost to be forgotten when our attention is drawn to something else.

I used to be the person who just talked and I’m trying really hard to change that about me. Of course I’ve had some great accomplishments but not nearly what I am capable of doing, I can do much more and I want the same for you.

My mini daily to-do tracker

My strategy:

Plan out my day from start to finish. I am still trying to finesse this and it may seem a bit regimented but for someone like me who has a very short attention span…it’s necessary!

I recently read a book called Make Your Brain Smarter by Dr. Sarah Bond Chapman. I know the title sounds oversimplified but she highlights a term called the “Brainpower of Two” which rejects multitasking but promotes handling your elephant goals first (your most important/challenging task of the day) and then your rabbit goals which are quicker and easier to get done.

I find myself a lot more focused and productive when managing my goals. What are some strategies that you employ to reach and accomplish your goals? Leave a comment below!



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