Can’t make a decision?You’re Giving Away Your Power


Indecision! It has plagued me for at least the last ten years and I can see the physical manifestation of just not deciding because I’m just not where I want to be. It has served as a huge wall preventing me from reaching long term goals, to fulfill dreams and to move forward. My problem is that I am an over thinker and I always think about (and get stuck on) what ifs and what could go wrong, never on what could go right. And in more cases that one I let others decide for me, taking a job I didn’t really want, or making a purchase on an item I knew I didn’t really need. We’ve all been there.

I realize that at the base of indecision plain and simple is fear. Fear of failure , fear of success. It is interesting to me how this word has not just shown up in my life but has guided it , even controlled it. And the same is true for so many others. The worst and truest part about indecision is that you end up making no decision, which leads to no plan , which leads to no ACTION. You’re so worried about making the wrong choice, you end up making no choice.

I am ending this pattern by taking action and I want the same for you. You have to take control and build your power. You don’t have to take huge steps here but small, digestible chunks is the best way to attack any goal or reach a dream. MY process is as follows:

  1. Figure out what it is you REALLY want. I love the above quote because it is so true. In that split second moment when you have to decide between two things you are not really sure about , the thing you REALLY want always comes to the fore. Next time you are deciding on a something in your life  big or small, flip a coin and the first of the two ideas/plans will present itself. Make sure that if you have a family , you discuss all consequences and implications with your spouse before making moves.
  2. Break it Down. As I mentioned above , when you have a huge goal the smart move is not to wrangle the biggest part first , that is a sure way to failure. What is One thing that you can do today no matter how small that will push you forward to toward what you are working on?
  3.  This goes hand in hand with #2 but take action. NO MATTER HOW SMALL. Not only will you get the wheels turning but it will be a real confidence boost when you realize that you are doing what you said you are going to do. Remember to honor yourself, you have to honor your word.

I have been very focused on productivity lately, mainly in part because of this book “The One Thing, The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. So many great insights but the one phrase that really stood out for me were the three words : Purpose, Priority and Productivity. One begets the other but the foundation is purpose, once you get clear in your mind what you want, you will be unstoppable. Have you read the book? Let me know in the comments section!




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