Warby Parker- Affordable Flyness For Your Eyes

Why Not Pay Off Debt in Style?

                                      – StrongFragile

With my seemingly unending journey to paying off debt, it is very easy to become frustrated with the process so you have to find ways to keep things interesting and yourself motivated. For me , even though I nearly caused myself financial ruin due to crazy shopping habits, that doesn’t mean I don’t still LOVE style and looking good. A friend told me about Warby Parker a few years ago and I should have jumped on the bandwagon then. An online and brick and mortar business, Warby Parker has revolutionized the eyeglass industry by providing eyewear, including frame and lenses  for an unbelievable $95! You can’t even buy a frame for that at other places so when they said that I could order 5 try-on pairs for free (with no obligations), I made sure to jump on it.  One of the best parts about the company is that, whenever you order a pair of glasses , a pair is sent to someone in a developing land where just the simple gift of sight is inaccessible for many.   I ended up paying an extra $30 on top of the $95 because well, I’m blind ha! and to avoid looking like Mr. Magoo with the coke-bottles,the prescription was strong but not thick. No complaints here…I’d rather pay $125 than $425!  I decided to order Nash in Crystal and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments! You best believe I will be ordering more pairs :).  You can also go to the store if you need them to be adjusted. Just be careful , they come out with new styles frequently and it is very tempting to buy one every season.

These are the ones I ordered.

Check them out here.


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