1st Goal of 2017…Done!


The Best Way Out is Always Through.

                              – Robert Frost

I can’t believe it. I got a job…woohoo! I am so thankful, so thankful to my God Jehovah! He gives us EXACTLY what we need at the EXACT right time. For the last few months, I was starting to feel so uncertain, fearful, hopeless. This journey has been such an eyeopener for me and the truth of Matt 6:33 always comes to fruition in my life. This job was right in line with what I was looking for with a well known retailer. Despite my excitement (tee -hee!!) I have anxiety about this new odyssey. Mainly because some old demons (negative thinking)  has been appearing un-welcomed  and frequently in my mind.  I am working on REJECTING these feelings/thoughts. Fortunately I have been able to identify areas of my life that I am actively improving on so I don’t make the same mistakes over and over:

  1. ASK Questions- No matter how stupid you think it will sound, an employer appreciates your inquisitiveness. This is how you gain insight into your role, get clarity on expectations and have a better understanding of your presence there overall.
  2. SPEAK Up – You have to be vocal at your place of employment. And I not talking being a loudmouth or a gossiper. I am talking about engaging people on a professional level so that you can begin building good relationships with the possibility of gaining a mentor or advocate who will be in your corner when review time comes around . Also that good idea that you have does no one any good if it remains in your head.
  3. BECOME An Expert – You want to be extremely knowledgable about your role. If there are questions or problems that arise you want to be the one that can put out fires or train others when the opportunity presents itself.
  4. KEEP Things in Perspective – We are NOT what we DO. Of course we want to do well in our careers and be recognized for our hard work. But don’t allow your job to define you or dictate your happiness or even allow that to be the barometer for a successful life.

I will be working  EVERYDAY to implement this in my work life. It’s so weird because growing up, I’ve always been the most outspoken and opinionated of my siblings, the ham, the debater. When I reached the working world , I almost became a robot just carrying out functions , rarely voicing my opinions or thoughts on something for fear of being wrong or just feeling intimidated by others. There is NO basis for these feelings! I am just as capable, qualified and smart as the next person and I have to stay in this mindset everyday or I will keep making the same mistakes.

But I feel hopeful and I can’t wait until this next step in my journey!!! 🙂 For all those who are struggling with unemployment, meditate on the above quote and NEVER give up.


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