Letter from the Editor

I initially started this blog to talk about hair and hair growth, but it has evolved into something more.  As children, we make plans, dreams and goals. We never once stop to think that our life may not turn out the way we envisioned. Life can deliver up some hard knocks in the form of  illness, sudden disability, unemployment, underemployment, divorce, defeat, self doubt …and the list goes on.  The beauty about the way we were created is that we have the ability to reason, restrategize and figure out a way to get ourselves back on track again. Ergo, the title of this blog.  Even though we have vulnerabilities and moments of weakness, humans are extremely resilient.  The key is after a fall, you don’t want to lay there immobile, but to keep moving, even if you have to crawl. Same would apply to hair growth , you are the one with the power to make your hair thrive or hinder it’s potential. I get more into this below…


So the 1st step to hair care is that we must accept the hair that our creator has given us…. 100%. You cannot expect a miracle in a bottle, jar, can etc.

If your hair is kinky and wiry, no amount of product will give you  wavy, flowing tresses. Unfortunately, wavy, flowing straight hair is part of the beauty standard in our society. Not just this society but it affects women of color worldwide. For some reason women of color are the only women on this planet who cannot wear our hair naturally without feelings of insecurity, “otherness” and sometimes shame. Often times in the corporate world, management seems to have a problem with naps no matter how neat and clean the hair is. What are they threatened by? Black beauty, in particular, has had a demoralizing and sad history beginning with racist images in print and media in general at the turn of the 20th century. There were many negative images that stayed with us and like a cancer we pass down these negative feelings about our physical features to our children. I am amazed that in 2009 this is still a hot topic. We have to stop allowing the standards of others to dictate what beauty is and means to us. I say as long as your hair is well groomed, rock that fro, bald head, dreads, two strand twists, Bantu knots, cornrows, coils, curls, flat twist… freely and proudly! I’m not one to follow the crowd, but it is encouraging to see so many natural heads of hair.

As I mentioned earlier, women of color cannot expect miracles when it comes to our hair but we can maximize its potential, which is the purpose of this blog. We do this by listening to our hair, increasing our water intake, healthy eating and keeping a close eye on the ingredients in product. I want this blog to make hair care make sense, as painless as possible, and yes I am learning right along with you! I will be reviewing some products, offering great tips, and helping you to take your hair destiny into your own hands. Let’s get started…


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